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Mr. Vincent van der Velde works as a specialized lawyer for entrepreneurs in the field of tenancy law, employment law and contract law. Negotiating for you and solving problems is his specialty. If you are ready to sell your company, Vincent van der Velde can guide you through the legal process. As in-house lawyer for various entrepreneurs, he supports them by working with them to pursue the right strategy and the desired result.

Mr. Vincent van der Velde is also specialized in financial and economic criminal cases faced by entrepreneurs.

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Mr S.G.B.M. Schönhage

You can rely on Suzanne Schönhage’s expertise in juvenile and family law. She will expertly assist you in divorce, child access and alimony proceedings and can submit joint petitions for divorce on your behalf. You can trust this experienced legal professional to file all the requisite paperwork and finalise your divorce, as well as to calculate possible alimony payments (another one of her areas of expertise).

Since joining the Netherlands Bar in 2001, she has built her own independent practice at our firm and runs a sole proprietorship within Alpha Advocaten, which she operates at her own risk and expense (Chamber of Commerce reg. no: 32145260).

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Mr Roos’ areas of expertise include supporting the victims of serious crimes, international and cross-border criminal law (extradition and surrender) and providing legal assistance outside the Netherlands (in conjunction with local legal counsel). He also specialises in international law (including international criminal law). Like all members of our legal team, he will work out an appropriate strategy together with you.

G.I. Roos supports his clients in the often unequal battle between the law and society at large, always keeping his clients’ interests in mind. Mr Roos’ professional commitment extends beyond office hours, which means he is available to his clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Mr. M.N. (Maud) de Bruijn has successfully completed both the Master’s degree in Criminal Law and the Master’s degree in Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. She also successfully completed her studies in Dutch Language and Culture at the same university.

Mrs De Bruijn has been part of the Alpha Advocaten team since September 2015 and is now a very experienced criminal lawyer. Maud de Bruijn’s practice focuses on all areas of criminal law, with an emphasis on traffic cases and violations of the Opium Act.

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mss. mr. Milou Bosma

Mr. M. (Milou) Bosma graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2014 with a specialization in Private Law. During and after her studies, she gained work experience at various law firms in the Netherlands and abroad. After working in the legal profession for a number of years, she made a trip to the Public Prosecution Service where she gained the necessary litigation experience. Nevertheless, the legal profession is her greatest passion and she returned in 2018 to work at Alpha Advocaten.

Milou Bosma is down to earth, solution-oriented and steadfast. Standing up for the interests of others is what she prefers to do. In addition, Mr. Bosma finds it important to keep an eye on the human aspect of a case. One of her strongest points is the personal contact with clients, where open conversations, transparency and mutual trust predominate.

Mr. Bosma has extensive experience in civil (litigation) practice in the field of employment law and general contract law, and she also specializes in legal aid for victims in criminal proceedings.

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Mr. Vladimir Lisi brings out the highest result in every criminal case in your interest. Acquittal is the result he has in mind and nothing less. Vladimir has been working as a lawyer at Alpha Advocaten since February 2018 and has already achieved many successes. As an angry young man, he is at your side to fight with you against the police and the judiciary. If you or a family member is in custody or has been summoned to court, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Vladimir Lisi.

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Mr. C.T.J. (Roos) Brandsen is sinds 1 maart 2021 onderdeel van het civielrechtelijke team van Alpha Advocaten.

Mr. Brandsen heeft tot 2015 gestudeerd aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en heeft daar twee opleidingen afgerond: de master Strafrecht en de master Privaatrecht. Gedurende en na haar studie heeft zij binnen beide rechtsgebieden internationaal werkervaring opgedaan bij zowel advocatenkantoren als het Openbaar Ministerie.

Uiteindelijk heeft mr. Brandsen geconcludeerd dat haar hart daar ligt waar zij mensen kan helpen en dat is de advocatuur gebleken. De afgelopen vijf jaren heeft zij zich dan ook ingezet voor particulieren en ondernemingen, waarbij zij zich met name heeft gericht op aansprakelijkheidskwesties. Daarnaast heeft zij ruime ervaring opgedaan binnen het verzekeringsrecht, het vastgoedrecht en het algemeen verbintenissenrecht. Zoekt u voor uzelf of uw onderneming een advocaat binnen (één van) deze rechtsgebieden of vraagt u zich af of uw kwestie hieronder valt? Dan helpt mr. Brandsen u graag op weg.


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