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Mr Roos’ areas of expertise include supporting the victims of serious crimes, international and cross-border criminal law (extradition and surrender) and providing legal assistance outside the Netherlands (in conjunction with local legal counsel). He also specialises in international law (including international criminal law). Like all members of our legal team, he will work out an appropriate strategy together with you.

G.I. Roos supports his clients in the often unequal battle between the law and society at large, always keeping his clients’ interests in mind. Mr Roos’ professional commitment extends beyond office hours, which means he is available to his clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Vincent van der Velde is a business lawyer covering the Almere-Amsterdam-Texel area. He specialises in tenancy law, employment law and administrative law, and many of his clients are employed in the retail, automotive and hospitality industries. He will also represent you in contractual disputes with suppliers or customers. If you are considering selling your business, Vincent van der Velde can provide you with the legal assistance you need. As the go-to lawyer for numerous businesses, he provides across-the-board support by choosing a strategy that works, and by delivering the desired results. As a specialised lawyer, he also handles complex (often financial) criminal cases, including cases involving financial crime, fraud and money laundering and government confiscation measures, as well as handling criminal cases involving appeal in cassation before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Like all members of our legal team, he will work out an appropriate strategy together with you.

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Mr S.G.B.M. Schönhage

You can rely on Suzanne Schönhage’s expertise in juvenile and family law. She will expertly assist you in divorce, child access and alimony proceedings and can submit joint petitions for divorce on your behalf. You can trust this experienced legal professional to file all the requisite paperwork and finalise your divorce, as well as to calculate possible alimony payments (another one of her areas of expertise).

Since joining the Netherlands Bar in 2001, she has built her own independent practice at our firm and runs a sole proprietorship within Alpha Advocaten, which she operates at her own risk and expense (Chamber of Commerce reg. no: 32145260).

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